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Drilling Projects

No two drilling projects are exactly alike. Each has special challenges whether it's precision drilling, the location such as a busy urban street or a hillside, scheduling challenges, or the soil we're drilling through. See some of our skilled drilling crews and the powerful drilling equipment that enables them to complete each job on-time no matter what drilling challenges have to be overcome.

Troy Block Well Development

Client: Lease Crutcher Lewis, Seattle, WA

Equipment: CME 55LCX drill rig

Description: Drill and install two 2-inch wells, one to 105 feet and the other to 90 feet.

Challenges: Drill wells in a concreted area directly below low hanging overhead power lines while avoiding all damage to underground utilities. The project was a success. Each well was surged and 150 gallons of water was pumped from each. All waste was contained.

Our CME 55LCX rig is the perfect solution for limited access drill sites. Our CME 55LCX is the only rig of its type in the world - a prototype the manufacturer asked us to test because of our outstanding reputation for safety, environmental concerns, and doing the job right.

Download CME 55LCX details

  • The track-mounted CME 55LCX rig drilling in Seattle beneath low handing power lines.
  • One of two completed wells. Each well was surged and 150 gallons of water was pumped from each.
  • All drilling waste was appropriately contained then removed from the drill site.
  • The compact, track-mounted CME 55LCX is easy to transport and easy to drive into place for drilling.


Indoor Soil Sample Drilling

Client: Embassy Suites Hotel, Lynnwood, WA

Equipment: Limited-Access Drill Rig

Description: Drilled two 40-foot borings with auto-hammer in the hotel atrium to collect soil samples for analysis by geotechnical engineering firm.

Challenges: Very limited access location inside a hotel. Entered through a four-foot wide door and down a pedestrian corridor with typical-height ceilings across decorative flooring. Obtained accurate soil samples without any damage to the hotel interior or exterior and with minimal impact on hotel guests.

Learn more about our limited-access drill rig and collecting accurate soil samples to ASTM standards in limited-access locations.

  • Moving our limited-access drill rig into place through a 4' wide door then down a hotel hallway.
  • Drill rig is setup in the hotel ready to collect soil samples in the atrium.
  • Small footprint drill rig collecting soil samples to ASTM standards.
  • Protecting the client's property is a top priority along with collecting accurate, consistent samples.
  • The auto-hammer SPT head collects consistent, accurate soil samples to ASTM standards for geotechnical analysis.


"Over the Edge" Geotechnical Exploration Drilling

Client: Hart Crowser, Seattle, WA

Equipment: CME 85

Description: Drilled four 150-foot borings and four 180-foot borings for geotechnical exploration in preparation for Seattle’s Terminal 5 proposed expansion. Installed surface casings down to 80 feet (to the mud line) then utilized a mud system to minimize the environmental impact of the drilling. The mud created during drilling traveled through the casing and into our mud system on the pier where it was cleaned then pumped back into the hole. This system not only contained all the drilling fluids it also minimized any potential environmental impact related to the drilling.

Challenge: The borings had to be drilled over the edge of a pier. With no place for the drill rig operator to stand, we designed a custom a platform. The new platform is ultra-sturdy with multiple redundancies. With this new platform we can drill over the edge of anything we can park a drill rig on.

  • Geotechnical drilling over the edge of a Seattle pier in preparation for Terminal 5 expansion.
  • CME 85 drill rig, supporting equipment, and crew on the pier near Terminal 5 in Seattle, WA.
  • Drill rig setup with platform for over the edge drilling.
  • Ready to drill another boring.
  • A closer look at our new, custom-built platform for "over the edge" drilling.


Grounding Well

Client: SAE Inc.

Equipment: Versa Drill V-100 and Mud Puppy 255-100

Description: Drilled a 350 foot boring utilizing open hole mud rotary drilling. Installed a 1/2 inch copper grounding wire. Grouted well with cement utilizing a Geo-Loop grout plant.

Challenges: Urban area drilling requires the site to be clean during and after drilling.

  • Powerful and versatile truck-mounted Versa Drill V-100 drilling rig.
  • Crew monitors drill pipe after making another connection.
  • "Tripping out of the hole." Removing drill pipe at the completion of drilling.
  • Tripping pipe out of the hole and storing the rod in the carousel.
  • Drill pipe ready to be loaded onto a Gregory Drilling flatbed trailer and removed from the drill site.


Soil Samples, Black Lake

Client: Terracon

Type of work: Environmental drilling

Equipment: CME-850X

Description: Drill and take soil samples for the purpose of investigating possible soil contamination by a nearby dry cleaning facility. Project required full decontamination before and after drilling. Installed a 2-inch monitoring well and a submersible pump to enable ongoing monitoring.

Challenges: The site had limited accessibility, requiring drilling on a steep slope using a track-mounted drill rig. Our CME-850X drill rig is able to drill on a steep slope without having to "level" off during drilling.

  • Setting up the drill rig on a steep slope. Ensuring the tract-mounted rig is secure and safe to drill.
  • Monitoring and adjusting during drilling.
  • Drilling using hollow stem augers in order to take soil samples.
  • Hollow stem augers on a track-mounted mud rotary drill rig.


Instrumentation Installation


Instrumentation Installation 1, Seattle, WA

Client: Soldata and Hart Crowser

Type of work: Instrumentation installation for the Hwy 99 Alaskan Way Viaduct Tunnel Project at several Seattle locations. These instruments monitor any ground movement caused while the tunnel boring machine is boring under the city.

Equipment: Truck mounted drill rigs, track mounted drill rigs, concrete core machines, and vacuum trailers

Description: Installed over 160 slope inclinometers and multi-point extensometers up to 300 feet deep.

Challenges: Urban drilling, rigorous schedule, and complexity of installations.

  • Drilling in the parking lot of a busy city street.
  • Tripping out of hole after reaching total depth.
  • Urban drilling on a busy city street surrounded by Class A commercial buildings.
  • Monitoring tailings as they are sucked into a vacuum truck keeping the site clean throughout drilling.
  • Tripping out of the hole after reaching total drilling depth.


Instrumentation Installation 2, Seattle, WA


  • Drilling using a track-mounted drill rig on a busy urban street.
  • Tripping out pipe after reaching the drilling depth.
  • Unscrewing two sections of pipe during the process of removing the pipe from the drilling hole.


Instrumentation Installation 3, Seattle, WA

Description and challenges:
We used a larger rig in order to drill a hole as close to perfectly straight vertically as possible from 0-300 feet. The hole was drilled between an existing horizontal tunnel and future horizontal tunnel which are 6 feet apart horizontally and 130 feet apart vertically. The finished hole was 6 inches off vertical at 300 feet deep. (Considered extremely accurate and a real testament to skilled crew members operating the drill rig in tune with the ground conditions.)


  • Early morning drilling at one of Seattle’s busiest landmarks typically brimming with pedestrians.
  • Vacuuming tailings during drilling to keep this popular landmark clean throughout drilling.
  • Installation of a slope inclinometer.
  • Running a tool down the hole to measure the verticality of the hole.


Instrumentation Installation 4, Seattle, WA

Description and challenges:
This site, the "launch pit", is the first stretch for the Alaskan Way Viaduct drilling. It was the most critical and challenging of the drilling sites. The area has the most obstacles in terms of the viaduct drilling and the soil is the most "liquefiable" and unstable. A very experienced drill rig operator is required to drill through the unstable ground and install the instrumentation correctly. This site had a tight schedule so avoiding down-hole complications was critical to complete the drilling and instrumentation installation on-time. In order to qualify to be on this construction site every member of our drilling team completed extensive site specific training. We were pleased to complete our drilling ahead of schedule and injury-free.

  • Removing drill string after installation of instrumentation.
  • Carefully extracting tooling from hole after instrumentation installation.
  • Open hole mud rotary drilling through unconsolidated soil.
  • We use the right equipment for every job to ensure we get the job done right and finish on schedule.
  • Ready to wrap up the job. Mission accomplished ahead of schedule!


Core Samples, Seattle

Client: Malcom Drilling

Type of work: Take core samples. HQ3 wireline coring

Equipment: Track mounted CME 850x

Description: Drill into cement/native soil piles at four locations to take core samples so client can test and verify the piles meet specifications.

Challenges: HQ3 wireline coring is typically done in rock. Drilling these cores in a cement/native soil pile requires more skill and attention to detail to recover usable core samples.

  • Track mounted drill rig drilling HQ3 wireline core samples.


For your drilling projects of any size and any challenges, contact Gregory Drilling today. You'll talk with a drilling professional who will ensure your job is done right and completed on-time.