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Limited Access Drilling
Rigs for Your Most Challenging Locations!

Gregory Drilling can provide a variety of limited access and low clearance rubber track equipment for all of your environmental drilling and geotechnical drilling projects.

These rigs can be set almost anywhere you need data:

  crane lifted into tank farms
  indoors (exhaust ducting provided)
  on barges for over water projects
  sidewalks and medians
  a residential backyard or bluff
  maneuvered into any tight quarters or low overhead situation


The only rig of its kind in existence, the CME 55LCX (low clearance) rubber-track drilling rig has the torque and power of a CME 75 with a working height of just 12 feet. This is the only rig in existence of this size, with this power. Capable of both mud rotary and hollow stem auger drilling, the 55LCX features a 140 pound auto-hammer for extremely consistent and accurate Standard Penetration Test results, meeting all ASTM-D-1586 requirements; perfect for geotechnical and environmental projects.

This low clearance, compact, track-mounted rig will drill where truck-mounted rigs won't fit:

  Under canopies including gas station canopies
  Under low bridges
  Below low-hanging power lines
  On bluffs
  In rough terrain


  Easy to transport! Travel dimensions: 7' 5" W x 9' H x 15' L
  Low clearance - working height: 12 feet
  Rubber track mounted for damage-free driving on concrete and other surfaces
  Small footprint and ability to turn in place to easily reach tight spots
  High torque configuration with the same power as a CME 75
  Easily drills through anything to 140' and deeper
  Weight: 17,000 pounds; can be hoisted by crane
  110 hp Cummins turbo diesel U.S. EPA tier 3 certified emissions
  Designed to climb a 50% grade to tackle even the roughest terrain



This drill rig gives new access to building interiors, hallways, bluffs, and slopes. At just under 37 inches wide and 80 inches high (travel height) access is no problem for this compact, rubber-track rig. Physical barriers won't stop this rig either! We simply hoist it into position using a boom truck or crane. The rig has a working height of 12' 9" and can handle 3-1/4 up to 6-1/4 ID augers for both geotechnical and environmental projects.

This custom-built drill rig was specially designed by our experienced drilling experts to collect accurate, consistent soil samples for geotechnical firms and their clients.


  Clearance to fit through a 37-inch wide opening (travel dimensions = 37"W x 80"H)
  Easily lifted by crane or boom truck (7,000 lbs)
  Working height of just 12' 9" (with mast raised)
  Includes a 140 pound auto-hammer for accurate SPT sampling to ASTM standards (documented 84% average Energy Transfer Efficiency test results available upon request)
  5,000 pounds of torque provides plenty of power for most shallow site characterizations
  Rubber tracks won't harm pavement or flooring

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