What to Look for
in a Drilling Company

The Four E’s of Trusted Drilling Companies

Whether you need:

  • a water well drilled for your home or farm
  • environmental and geotechnical drilling
  • geothermal heating and cooling drilled and installed,

there are four E’s you should look for in any driller in order to select a reputable drilling company.

#1 E – Experience

This E is vital. Drilling is far more complicated and involved than simply pushing a casing into the ground.

Every drilling job demands drillers that know what they’re doing. And that knowledge comes from experience.

Thankfully, this E is easy to research. Call the drillers you’re considering for you drilling job or visit their websites to see how long they’ve been in business.

It’s also a good idea to ask for references for two reasons. First, the driller will only have references to give if they’re experienced. Second, if the driller is experienced, but not very good, their references will tell you so.

#2 E – Energy

Experience is vital. But you also want a driller who’s still active in the industry. You want a driller who has the benefit of experience and the energy to get in, do the job right, and get out quickly, letting you get on with your business.

To get that balance between experience and energy, you may have to find a drilling company that has a team, rather than a solo operator. When checking out drillers, see if they have a range of ages and years of experience represented in their team. That way, you’re more likely to get the experience and energy you want for your drilling job.

#3 E – Equipment

Experience and energy can’t put a casing into the ground. A driller needs powerful drilling equipment.

Better yet, a driller needs a range of drilling rigs and support equipment to tackle a wide range of unique drilling requirements and projects.

Better still, a driller needs a range of the latest and best drilling equipment to provide the best drilling service possible.

When researching who will be your driller, find out if they’re a one-drill rig, one-man show, or a well-rounded team of experienced and energetic drillers with all the equipment currently needed to do the job right.

#4 E – Easy to Work With

Finally, if you find a driller that offers the experience, energy and equipment your drilling job requires, make sure they’re easy to work with.

Notice how they talk to you on the phone. Pay attention to how they answer your questions. Get a sense of whether they like being a driller.

Your drilling job can’t be a positive experience if your driller is difficult to work with.

Selecting A Reputable Drilling Company

We’re confident that our team at Gregory Drilling embodies the Four E’s of a reputable driller. We invite you to check out our drilling capabilities: look around our website then contact us today with your questions and to discuss your drilling needs. We look forward to talking with you.

A water well eliminates water bills and increases a home’s value.