PFAS Sample Collection Drilling - Sacramento Army Depot

Collect Army Depot Water and Soil Samples for PFAS Testing

Client: Leidos

Drilling Location: Solar farm at an Army Depot in Sacramento, CA

Drilling Equipment: TSI 150 CC Sonic drill rig

Project: Carefully maneuver all drill site equipment through a large solar farm without disrupting or damaging any equipment, then set up the drill site among rows of solar collectors. Follow detailed sample collection protocols to prevent possible contamination. Drill through two feet of concrete into subsurface cobbles and cemented sands to collect soil and water samples for PFAS testing and set two permanent PFAS monitoring wells.

  • 20 vertical borings to 100 feet to collect water samples for PFAS testing
  • 10 vertical boring to 15 feet to collect soil samples for PFAS testing
  • Drill two permanent 2 inch 100 foot PFAS monitoring wells

This Sonic drill rig can drill five times faster than conventional rigs through a wide range of consolidated and unconsolidated soil types. It can collect a nearly continuous soil sample, which can be extracted and fed into a sealed bag for testing.

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