Irrigation Wells

Enjoy a Steady Water Supply for Your Crops and Orchards

Are you ready to take control of the water for your crops and orchards with an irrigation well? Now, you can say good-bye to water supply uncertainty and fluctuating costs. With your new irrigation well, you can enjoy peace-of-mind regarding your crop and orchard water supply, larger crop yields, and increase your land value.

We share your hometown values and commitment to quality. For more than 40 years, the dedicated drillers at Gregory Drilling have been drilling successful wells for farmers, home owners, and businesses. We have consistently drilled successful wells in all types of conditions and overcome incredible challenges. Each and every day, we go above and beyond to deliver our best for you.

Your irrigation well drillers are:

  • Prepared. Wells and aquifers in your area are analyzed in preparation for drilling.
  • Equipped. Arrive at your farm or orchard with the right equipment to drill your irrigation well.
  • Skilled. Well drilling skills and experience to locate the aquifer and make the most of the water available to your property.
  • Committed to your satisfaction. A senior driller, likely a company officer, will drill your well.

Getting Started is Easy

Contact us today – we’ll ask for your property’s statistics and location then answer any questions you may have about obtaining a water right from the Washington State Department of Ecology. You’ll receive a quote via email. On your approval, we’ll schedule a team to drill your irrigation well.

Dependable Irrigation Well Drilling Equipment

Your team arrives with the right equipment to drill your farm or orchard irrigation well.

  • 2008 Atlas Copco RD 20 Range 3 Drill Rig (a dependable, powerful rig capable of drilling to 5,000 feet)
  • Heavyweight drill collars, stabilizers and drill pipe (essential for drilling a straight well)
  • Support trucks, trailers, forklifts, and tools (to work effectively and efficiently)

The depth and diameter of your irrigation well depends on the conditions at your property. We have drilled wells to depths of 2,800 feet and 24 inches in diameter. A 2000 foot irrigation well for a major crop producer in Moses Lake produced more than 2,000 GPM.

Serving all of Central and Eastern Washington including Yakima, Moses Lake, Tri-Cities, Ritzville, Walla Walla, and beyond.

Potatoes, wheat, beans, alfalfa, apples, cherries, and more – you name it – your crops rely on a dependable source of water. We’re here to make it easy for you to have an irrigation water supply you can count on for years to come.

Call 509-735-9283 or contact us today to talk with a drilling specialist about an irrigation well for your farm, orchard, vineyard, ranch, or other property.