Sonic Rig Injection Remediation Drilling Project


Insight Environmental, Engineering & Construction, Inc.
Sacramento, California


San Francisco, California 


Sonic TSI 150 CC drill rig


Drill 44 40-foot holes indoors and outdoors through weathered bedrock to conduct injection remediation and tiltmetering. Our client injected chemicals at three levels during tool extraction.

Our compact, track-mounted Sonic TSI 150 CC drill rig has the power to drill through bedrock indoors, in tight quarters with limited clearance, just as easily as outdoors.

Client Comments

“During April and May of 2019, Gregory Drilling, Inc was engaged in a drilling, hydraulic fracturing and injection program in South San Francisco, California.  Insight EECI was the onsite client’s representative throughout the drilling program.

“Having been personally involved with similar drilling projects throughout the continental United States, I can attest that this was a particularly challenging project which required drilling accurate holes into fractured and solid bedrock for subsequent hydraulic fracturing, injections and tiltmetering.  Although the ground was highly fractured in places, Gregory was able to achieve consistently high core recoveries.  Coordination with our fracing and injection crew was of primary importance and the cooperation of [the drilling] crew was exceptional. The project was completed on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of all parties. I especially appreciated the efforts of Ken Phillips, whose all-around capabilities, innovativeness and cooperation ensured the job went smoothly.

“I would highly recommend Gregory Drilling to any client requiring professional drilling services, especially where considerable difficulties may be encountered.”

Dave Marks, PG, Senior Manager
Insight Environmental, Engineering & Construction, Inc.
Sacramento, California


Level C PPE was required during parts of the drilling operations.

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  • Drilling inside a building with low clearance in preparation for environmental remediation injection.