Water Well Drilling

Enjoy the Freedom A Water Well Delivers

A home water well is far more than a source of water.

  • Say goodbye to water bills.
  • Enables you to get a permit to build a new home on your property.
  • A productive water well increases the value of your home.
  • Water wells are great for irrigating lawns and plants.

Ensure Your Water Well is Drilled Right the First Time

Your Gregory Drilling water well drilling team:

  • Conducts an analysis of wells and aquifers in your area.
  • Arrives at your site with the right equipment.
  • Are experienced water well drill rig operators.
  • Includes a certified water well driller.
  • Is committed to your satisfaction.

Is Your Water Well Dry or Low on Volume?

Your well can be rehabilitated to produce a higher water flow. Whether it means cleaning your screen, deepening your well, or some other solution, our water well drilling teams have the tools and years of experience to maximize your water well’s performance.

The Water Well Drilling Process

These are the main steps involved in drilling a water well.

  1. You call us with your property’s statistics and location.
  2. We let you know if you qualify for a water well permit (as determined by the Washington State Department of Ecology).
  3. You receive a quote from us over the phone and by email.
  4. Your water well drilling job is scheduled.
  5. We contact the Department of Ecology for a water well permit.
  6. We visit your property, stake out your water well, and determine a clear, level access point.
  7. We arrive on schedule to drill your water well.
  8. Set up a surface seal to 18 feet.
  9. Drill for water as deep as needed*.
  10. Check soil samples as drilling progresses. The driller carefully monitors the ground materials to locate the aquifer.
  11. Hit water.
  12. Install screens, if needed.
  13. Based on the ground formation, configure the well to maximize its water production.
  14. We introduce you to a reliable water pump dealer who installs your pump and plumbs it into your home, usually within 1 to 2 days.

* Well Depth

Successfully drilling water wells is a blend of art and science. Your drilling team has the equipment to drill as deep as needed combined with the skills and experience to successfully locate the aquifer.

Water Well Drilling Equipment

Powerful, dependable drill rigs and support equipment ensure your well drilling proceeds on-schedule.

  • Foremost DR-24, dual rotary drill can advance a 24 in. casing.
  • Foremost DR-12, dual rotary drill can advance 6 in. -12 in. casing up to 1500 ft.
  • Support trucks and rigs to facilitate the water well drilling process

One of our most powerful drill rigs for water well drilling is the Foremost DR-12 dual rotary drill. The dual rotary drill advances the casing and drill bit simultaneously, guaranteeing you’ll get your casings down while ensuring your hole won’t cave in. By inserting the casing without hammering it into the ground, your casing remains straight, intact, and firmly seated in the bedrock. On top of all this, the dual rotary drill means a faster and quieter job – reducing your associated cost and disruption.

Selected Well Drilling Projects

For decades, we’ve helped hundreds of families achieve the dream of abundant, delicious water. These are just a few examples.

  • 986 ft. water well for Pegasus Thoroughbred, Redmond, WA
  • 590 ft. water well for family in Poulsbo, WA
  • 300 ft. water well for family in Woodinville, WA
  • 200 ft. water well for family in Index, WA

Put the Gregory Drilling Team to Work for You

Make your water well a trouble-free investment that increases the value of your home and brings you years of service. Gregory Drilling Inc. has the experience and equipment to do the job right.

Whether you’re in Western Washington, Central or Eastern Washington, we’ve got a team and rigs in your vicinity: in both North Bend, Washington and Benton City, Washington.

Contact the Gregory Drilling Team today for more information about a water well for your property and a free quote.

Installing productive water wells since 1975.