Sonic Drilling

Deployment of a Custom-Built, One-of-a-Kind TSI 150CC Sonic Drill

 Sonic Drilling that Delivers Results

You know that sonic drilling has many compelling benefits. Speed – up to five times faster than conventional drill rigs, flexibility – designed to drill through a wide range of consolidated and unconsolidated soils, the rigs have additional safety features, generates significantly less waste, a nearly continuous soil sample can be extracted and fed right into a sealed bag, and so much more.

What’s Unique about Sonic Drilling at Gregory Drilling? Ken Phillips, one of the most adept sonic rig managers in the business; Ken is committed to exceeding your expectations on every project.

Ken Phillips has more than 15 years of sonic drilling experience and management in a wide range of environments – across the USA, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, frequently in extreme and challenging conditions, including 70 degrees below zero, on dams, and over water. With his finesse running a sonic rig, lengthy sonic drilling experience, and strategic planning, Ken has successfully completed projects that most sonic drillers would deem impossible with a sonic rig.

Ken and his sonic drilling crews live and breathe safety and customer service.

  • Accurate results the first time – to respect your time, your project, and your budget
  • Communication and collaboration with you from project inception through completion
  • 100% transparency
  • Vigorous safety culture and excellent safety record; safety is a top priority at every site
  • Extensive preparation before your project begins, arriving prepared and on-schedule, and working to your 100% satisfaction on every project
  • Flexibility – to meet your needs and work through challenges to deliver accurate results every time.

Serving: primarily Northern California and Nevada; we travel to any location west of the Mississippi.

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  • 1-sonic-rig-angled-drilling-mining
    With this compact dynamo, our sonic rig operators promptly deliver the results you need on your project.


  • FERC Approved Driller
  • Exxon Mobile LPS Instructor
  • MSHA Certified Instructor
  • PG&E Gold Shovel Instructor

Types of Drilling

  • Environmental
  • Geotechnical
  • Municipal
  • Dams and Levees
  • Mineral Exploration
  • Archeological
  • Construction
  • more