Sonic Drilling

Custom-Built, TSI 150CC Sonic Drill Rigs

Sonic Drilling that Delivers Results

You know that sonic drilling has many compelling benefits. Speed – up to five times faster than conventional drill rigs, flexibility – designed to drill through a wide range of consolidated and unconsolidated soils, the rigs have additional safety features, rigs generate significantly less waste, a nearly continuous soil sample can be extracted and fed right into a sealed bag, and much more.

The Gregory Drilling sonic crews strive for safety and customer satisfaction.

  • Accurate results the first time – to respect your time, your project, and your budget
  • Communication and collaboration with you from project inception through completion
  • 100% transparency
  • Vigorous safety culture and excellent safety record; safety is a top priority at every site
  • Extensive preparation before your project begins, arriving prepared and on schedule, and working to your 100% satisfaction on every project
  • Flexibility – to meet your needs and work through challenges to deliver accurate results every time

A Few of the Outstanding Capabilities of our Custom-Designed Sonic Drilling Rigs

Our powerful, compact sonic rigs are designed and engineered to do the work of much bigger rigs but in tight quarters, indoors, and in difficult-to-reach locations.

  • 150 lb auto hammer
  • Angle drilling down to 20 degrees off horizontal
  • Hole sizes up to 12 inches
  • Tier 4 engine emissions
  • Low-clearance 20-foot mast
  • Low ground-pressure rubber tracks

Serving: California and Nevada; available for drilling projects anywhere in the Western United States.

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