Sonic Drilling for Lithium in Nevada

Lithium Exploration in Nevada using Sonic Drilling Rigs

Client: Environmental consulting and engineering firm in Nevada

Drilling Location: Winnemucca, Nevada

Drilling Equipment: Track-mounted Sonic TSI 150 CC drill rig

Description: Lithium exploration drilling using sonic drill rigs. Drilled 17 300-foot deep, 7-inch diameter holes over several hundred acres to extract core samples for lithium testing. Prepared the core samples as requested. Properly abandoned each well and cleaned up each site on completion.

“Great job to your crew on this project.”

Project Engineer

Our Sonic drilling lithium exploration teams are experienced, dedicated, and easy to work with.

  • Track-mounted sonic rigs easily traverse the remote, undeveloped terrain in Nevada
  • Sonic rigs extract/recover 100% of the core samples
  • Your core samples will be presented, packaged for removal, or may be buried onsite, as suits your needs
  • Provide water trucks, access equipment, etc., to facilitate your lithium exploration drilling
  • We arrive on time, complete your project per your specifications, and communicate promptly

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