Project: PFAS Water Samples - Navy Base, Long Beach, CA

Collect Navy Base Water Samples for PFAS Testing

Client: Environmental Consulting Firm

Drilling Location: Long Beach Naval Complex, San Pedro, CA

Drilling Equipment: TSI 150 CC Sonic drill rig

Project: Complete three types of drilling at the Long Beach Naval Complex to collect water and gas vapor to test for PFAS and facilitate PFAS remediation.

  • Drill twenty 75 ft – 120 ft vertical borings to collect water samples for PFAS testing.
  • Install ten stainless steel vent pipes to approximately 50 ft to test gas vapor.
  • Drill three sets of angled borings at 45 degrees, 30 degrees, and 17 degrees to install 4-inch injection wells for remediation.

Our team took extra care with the angled boring installations to ensure the wells were inline and centralized along the borehole and keep boreholes true to the angle.

Our track-mounted Sonic drill rig can save time and increase efficiency. It can drill five times faster than conventional rigs through a wider range of consolidated and unconsolidated soil types.

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