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Construction Drilling and Dewatering Drilling

Trust Your Construction and Dewatering Projects to Drilling Experts

Drawing on drilling experience dating back to 1975, Gregory Drilling has the specialized drilling equipment, expertise and dedication to complete your construction and dewatering drilling projects on time and to your exact specifications.

Construction Drilling

  Slopes needing ground stabilization

Dewatering Well Drilling

Dewatering wells lower the water table for construction of all types.

Construction Drilling Project

The Madrona Way road had a long history of sliding into the Puget Sound and was in danger of being closed for safety reasons. The Gregory Drilling team was called in to carefully stabilize the road while protecting the sensitive natural area next to the Puget Sound, surrounded by large trees and overhead power lines.

  Drilled 30 12-inch holes to 50 feet deep at a 45 degree angle through cobbles and boulders.
  Stabilizing micro-mini piles were constructed by inserting rebar, removing the well casing and backfilling with cement.
  Completed construction drilling project in 20 days.

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  • Drilling micro mini piles for road stabilization
  • Madrona Way micro mini piles stabilize the road bed to prevent road washouts
  • Drilling a twenty foot dewatering well