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Environmental Drilling Services

Committed to Results

You can count on high quality environmental drilling services and successful completion of your drilling projects no matter how challenging the requirements or conditions.

Drilling Highlights

Successfully completing challenging drilling projects requires experienced drilling professionals with knowledge and extensive drilling experience, a fleet of the right equipment, and the processes and training to get the job done safely. These are a few recent drilling highlights.

  Successfully drilled to a depth of 2,300 feet while maintaining the boring within 0.5 degrees of vertical.
  Installed thousands of instruments and hundreds of closed loop geothermal systems.
  Successfully drilled to depths over 2,300 feet.
  Completed one of the deepest geotechnical borings anywhere.
  Drilled to 570 feet with five foot sampling.



Environmental Drilling Capabilities

Our crews can provide all types of sampling, monitoring, installation, and other requirements for your environmental drilling projects.

  Soil sampling, grab-groundwater sampling, and monitoring well installations can be completed using our full array of hollow stem auger truck mounted drilling rig, rubber track drilling rig, limited access drilling rigs, and low clearance drilling equipment.
  Soil sampling using Dames & Moore, SPT, Shelby tubes, and probe (continuous or discrete).
  Grab groundwater sampling using bailer or low flow peristaltic pump and dedicated tubing from temporary wells.
  Monitoring well installation: 2 inch, 4 inch, and up to 10 inch wells.
  Full containment of decon water using our trailer-mounted decontamination system (including steam cleaner and pressure washer).
  Experienced drilling crews including a 'third man' for most environmental projects. The extra hand boosts drilling project efficiency by speeding up sampling, opening samplers, decontaminating sampling equipment and other tooling, setting up pump and tubing for grab groundwater sampling, and assisting with well completions. The rig keeps drilling which minimizes overall costs.


Drilling in Challenging Locations

Many environmental drilling projects involve access constraints. You can rest assured that your drilling project, no matter what access constraints it may involve, will be completed safely, within regulations, and on schedule. Our drilling crews have extensive experience and training, arrive with all the proper equipment in excellent working order, and run your project effectively.

  Barge-based drilling
  Over-edge drilling using a custom-built platform
  Inside buildings (with exhaust ducting)
  Drilling in tight quarters
  Drilling in low clearance sites


Environmental Drilling Projects

Each environmental drilling project has unique challenges. You can count on your Gregory Drilling team members to be easy to work with, responsive, and committed to the success of your project. We work closely with you and your team to ensure that you get the results you need promptly, efficiently, and safely.

Here is a sampling of our recent environmental drilling projects.

  Confidential Site - Typical site characterization project conducted as due diligence for a potential property transaction. The work was performed on an active 11 acre industrial plant. Scope involved advancing ten borings to approximately 20 feet, completing four two-inch groundwater monitoring wells, and developing the wells. As is typical for our environmental projects, a three man crew was used to maximize efficiency and keep the drill rig running throughout with continuous soil sampling and decontamination of tooling between boring locations. The project was completed on-time and under budget. Client expressed sincere appreciation and satisfaction with Gregory Drilling's project coordination, service oriented approach, attention to safety, and the overall leadership and teamwork exhibited by the drill crew.
  Whatcom Waterway, Bellingham, WA for Anchor QEA - project included over 40 soil investigation borings (approximately 2,000 total feet) on land and over water within port and settlement lagoons. Required onsite construction of a barge and use of a crane to place the barge into lagoons and set the rig on the barge for over water drilling. All borings were decommissioned upon completion.
  TransAlta Coal Mine - This project required a combination of environmental and geotechnical investigations. Work involved the installation of twenty deep monitoring wells to depths of 700 feet.
  Boardman Bombing Range - complex project required the installation of six monitoring wells to a depth of 150 feet through overburden and bedrock. This project required use of air rotary drilling techniques.



Extensive Fleet of Robust Drilling Equipment

In additional to our fleet of drilling rigs and support equipment, we are adding new drilling rigs and equipment specially designed for the unique requirements of environmental drilling. The right equipment in the hands of our experienced drilling crews means your projects finish promptly and provide the results you need.

  CME 85 High Torque Hollow Stem Auger Rig
  CME 75 High Torque Hollow Stem Auger Rig
  CME 55LCX High Torque, Low Clearance Hollow Stem Auger Rig features a new rubber track design from CME, the first drilling rig of its kind in the United States. This rig has the power and torque of a CME 75 with a working height of just 12 feet!
  Custom-Built 2015 Limited Access Drilling Rig on Rubber Tracks for hollow stem auger work in tight spots. At just 37” wide and with a working height of just 12'9”, this compact work horse can get just about anywhere - indoors or out. With a boom truck we lift this little beast up and over just about any obstacle then maneuver it into place to drill.
  MC5 Single Rod Sampling System provides:
Fast and efficient continuous soil sampling using 2.25 inch diameter probe rod
Fast and efficient true discrete interval sampling using 1.25 inch inner rods
1.35 or 1.5 inch diameter core samples up to 5 feet in length
Macro-Core® liner materials include stainless steel, PVC, and Teflon®
  SP22 Screen Point Groundwater Sampler from GeoProbe Systems® (in conjunction with our peristaltic pump and tubing) makes collecting groundwater samples fast and easy.

No matter where your drilling project takes us, we'll ensure your projects run efficiently, are completed promptly, safely, and in accordance with all applicable regulations and requirements, and provide the results you need.

Contact us today to discuss your environmental drilling projects. We will make sure all the bases are covered regarding your environmental drilling needs.

  • CME 75 High Torque Hollow Stem Auger Rig.
  • CME 55LCX High Torque, Low Clearance Hollow Stem Auger Rig.


NEBC Member All drilling crew members complete API WorkSafe training
Member All drilling crew members complete API WorkSafe training
BNSF Railway Union Pacific


I enjoyed planning the project with someone who has a consulting background, the safety awareness was clearly evident, and the driller and crew worked so well together. They must have been together for some time!

– Kim L. (environmental drilling client)