Drilling a home water well - Cle Elum, WA

Water Well Drilling in Greater Cle Elum, Roselyn,
and Thorpe

Are you a property owner in greater Cle Elum or Central Washington looking for an abundant water supply for your property? Or, maybe you found acreage you want to build on. Family homes, vacation homes, farms – all need a reliable water well. Get the facts about drilling a water well in greater Cle Elum.

New and Replacement Water Wells in Greater Cle Elum, Roselyn, and Thorpe

Whether you want a new or replacement water well on your Central Washington property, you need an experienced drilling company.

An experienced water well drilling company with a successful track record knows what it takes to do a great job.

  • Evaluates geologic conditions in the area around your property before arrival
  • Arrives with a well-maintained drill rig, support equipment, and an experienced team
  • Is led by a seasoned well-driller who is friendly and easy to work with

“I was in desperate need of getting a well drilled on my property in Cle Elum and got in contact with Gregory Drilling. They scheduled me in quickly and were amazing to work with! Chris is very knowledgeable, efficient, and communicated throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Gregory Drilling.”


Sara S.
Cle Elum, WA



Step One
County Approval
If you haven’t already, check with the Kittitas County Health Department or your county health department about the water well requirements for your property and to get approval to have a water well drilled on your property.

Step Two
Get a Water Well Drilling Quote
Contact us to get a well drilling quote and schedule a team to drill your water well.

Step Three
Drilling Your Water Well
A professional water well drilling team will arrive on time with a versatile, rigorously-maintained drill rig and support equipment to drill your well and an expert drill rig operator who knows how to drill through all types of soil and rock consolidations. Gregory Drilling teams can set a casing down to 2,000 feet deep for your water well. Your Gregory Drilling drill rig operator has two decades of experience drilling wells of various types all over Washington State. We’ll install the casing and screens so it’s ready for your pump installer.

“My brother Chad and I have been drilling water wells for more than two decades, following our dad’s footsteps. Drilling is complex work. We do geologic evaluations, of course, but when I’m running a big drill rig, experience and good instincts matter. Whether we’re drilling a water well for a family or a municipality, we do our best for every client every day.“


Chris Gregory
Vice President, Gregory Drilling


Q. How Much Does it Cost to Have a Water Well Drilled in Greater Cle Elum, Roslyn, and Thorpe?
A. Several factors influence the cost of a water well; the depth of the water well is the biggest. The depth of your water well depends on how far underground the aquifer is below your property. Your goal and ours is for your well to produce sufficient water flow for all your needs. We drill as deep as needed. Sometimes there’s an abundant aquifer at 200 feet. We can drill to 2,000 feet when required. The depth of the aquifer and the well vary with the property.

Q. Can You Drill a Replacement for Our Water Well
A. Yes.

Q. Can Your Rehabilitate Our Water Well?
A. It depends. When deciding whether to rehabilitate a well or replace it, we can remove a lot of the guesswork with our high-resolution video cameras. We lower a video camera down your water well to inspect it from top to bottom – right down to the water. You can watch the video with us in real-time. With this close-up look at the condition of your well, we can assess the issues and advise you on whether it’s practical and cost-effective to salvage your existing water well or drill a new one. Having video footage of your well’s condition is an invaluable tool and provides a helpful record for you as the property owner.

Get a Water Well for Your Property

Contact us to talk with a water well drilling expert about water well for your property.


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